100th Anniversary of Marconi's 1st Transmission across the Atlantic £2



Issued 2001
Diameter 28.4mm
Weight 12g
Composition Outer: nickel-brass 76% copper, 4% nickel, 20% zinc
Composition Inner: Cupro-nickel 75% copper, 25% nickel
Obverse Ian Rank-Broadley
Reverse Robert Evans
Edge Milled
Inscription Wireless Bridges the Atlantic...Marconi 1901...
Mintage 4,558,000
B.U pack C
£6.95 L
2001 I
No sales data K

Design details:

2001 saw the centenary of Guglielmo Marconi’s first wireless transmission across the Atlantic. It was a feat that had been thought impossible but, in December 1901, the letter ‘S’ in Morse Code – three dots – was successfully transmitted from Poldhu in Cornwall to St John’s, Newfoundland. To commemorate Marconi’s historic achievement – an achievement that was to revolutionise global communication and bring tremendous benefits to mankind – The Royal Mint produced a special £2 coin. Taking radio waves as its theme, the design by Robert Evans symbolises Marconi’s impact on twentieth-century communication. Radio waves decorate both the centre and outer border while a spark of electricity linking the zeros of the date represents the generation of the signal. The design is completed with the edge inscription …WIRELESS BRIDGES THE ATLANTIC… MARCONI 1901.

text source and credit the Royal Mint