N.I. Egyptian Railway Arch



Issued 2006
Diameter 22.5mm
Weight 9.5g
Composition Nickel-Brass 70% copper, 5.5% nickel, 24.5% zinc
Obverse Ian Rank-Broadley
Reverse Edwina Ellis
Edge Milled
Inscription Decorative pattern symbolising bridges and pathways
Mintage 38,938,000
B.U pack C
5.95 L
2007 I
Sold 23,856 K

Design details:

The third series of 1 coin designs depicts bridges from each of the four constituent countries in the United Kingdom. This coin features the Egyptian Arch Railway Bridge to represent Northern Ireland. The Egyptian Arch is a railway bridge in Newry, Northern Ireland which gained its name from its resemblance to the headdress worn by ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.


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