Marking the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain 50P



Issued 2015
Diameter 27.30mm
Weight 8g
Composition 75% copper, 25% nickel (referred to as cupro-nickel)
Obverse Ian Rank-Broadley Packs and sets
Obverse 2 Jody Clark
Reverse Gary Breeze/ Lee Breeze
Edge Plain
Inscription The Battle of Britain 1940
Mintage 5,900,000
B.U pack C
8.00 L
2015 I
Sold 35,199 K

Design details:

Two different obverse portraits were used for this coin and there are three entirely different versions! then you have the 2019 military sets!

The obverse portrait of the Queen by Ian Rank-Broadley was used on all UK coinage from 1998 to 2014 and also on some coins dated 2015 like this one. The coin with the Ian Rank-Broadley portrait was only issued in 2015 Royal Mint sets (and in some silver proof sets of 2015 coins).

The Royal Mint noticed that they had forgotten to mark the coin with a denomination, but claimed that this was deliberate and perfectly fine as the coin released later in 2015 for circulation would have the new Jody Clark portrait of the Queen and would be marked with a denomination (in other words rectified).

At some stage between the first Ian Rank-Broadley coin and the final circulation Jody Clark portrait coin with the denomination they seem to have somehow produced silver and gold proof versions with an entirely different obverse which has the Jody Clark portrait but also omits the denomination!

with missing denomination can surely not be legal tender as the public can hardly be expected to negotiate values of coins, even though that obviously applies less to the silver and gold proof versions and the coins are obviously 50p shaped! Was it a 50p, or is it, I wonder, a new larger 20p? Who knows.

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