Beatrix Potter Squirrel Nutkin



Issued 2016
Diameter 27.30mm
Weight 8g
Composition 75% copper, 25% nickel (referred to as cupro-nickel)
Obverse Jody Clark
Reverse Emma Noble
Edge Plain
Inscription Squirrel Nutkin
Mintage 5,000,000
B.U pack C
£10.00 L
22/08/16 I
Sold 45,884 K
*February 2018 Royal Mint re issue the 2016 BU packs due for delivery in March 2018*

Design details:

The honouring of Beatrix Potter with a series of 50p coins and this Squirrel Nutkin 50p is the fifth release. ‘The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin’ features the impertinent, yet loveable, red squirrel named Nutkin and his escape from an owl called Old Brown, whose character is featured on this 50p coin. Designed by Emma Noble, the loveable rogue squirrel features at the very heart of the coin – with his whiskers and once bushy tail captured in great detail.

The 1903 Beatrix Potter’s famous tale of a naughty squirrel who loses his tail. Nutkin, his brother Twinkleberry and all his cousins make their way over to Owl Island to gather nuts, but Old Brown, the terrifying owl guardian of the island, has decided he has had enough of silly Nutkin’s cheekiness. 2017