Mr Jeremy Fisher



Issued 2017
Diameter 27.30mm
Weight 8g
Composition 75% copper, 25% nickel (referred to as cupro-nickel)
Obverse Jody Clark
Reverse Emma Noble
Edge Plain
Inscription Mr Jeremy Fisher
Mintage 9,900,000
B.U pack C
10.00 L
13/06/17 I
SOLD 165,668 K

Design details:

The second series of Beatrix Potter coins see's the release of Mr Jeremy Fisher, dressed in his famous Mackintosh coat, Jeremy Fisher is a frog who lives in a "slippy-sloppy" house at the edge of a pond. One rainy day he collects worms for fishing, and sets off across the pond on his lily-pad boat. He plans to invite his friends for dinner if he catches more than five minnows. He encounters all sorts of setbacks to his goal, and escapes a large trout who tries to swallow him. He swims for shore, decides he will not go fishing again, and hops home. 2017