Farewell & Nations of the Crown mint mark



Issued 2017
Weight 8.75g
Composition Centre Nickel-Brass plated, Outer Nickel brass.
Obverse Jody Clark
Reverse David Pearce (aged 15)
Edge Milled & plain
Inscription Milled & plain
B.U Pack C
£55.00 L
28/03/17 I
Sold 9,850 K

Design details:

The pack was only available to buy from the Royal Mint, it had a maximum mintage of 10,000

The Farewell & Nations of the Crown 2016 UK £1 B.U Two Coin Set features a new 2016-dated £1 coin, one of the only 2016-dated new pounds to be released as a commemorative edition. It bears a ‘cross crosslet’ mint mark, unique to the commemorative editions and not found on the 2016-dated 12-sided £1 coins in circulation.


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